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Our Mission

With a strong passion for dance and music, Jeff and hazel decided that it was time to take what they love to do, to the next level. They started thinking about something that could collaborate the various mediums together to produce something more meaningful. They also wanted to inspire the new generation to pursue what they love to do, step out of the box and dare to be different. 


Because of PASSION for DANCE, MUSIC & LIFE, 

Arts Culture was born in August 2010 - To pursue one’s passion and live life to the fullest.


Since its inception, Arts Culture has impacted more than 5000 students through all our various programmes and are still continuing to do so.

In the years to come, we want to do much more and hope to inspire people to continue to live their passions and pursue their dreams. As we grow as a company, we are excited for greater things to come!


Our Mission at Arts Culture is - Dance.Play.Live


The non-verbal and free expression of you, your thoughts, your world view, your feelings, your journey, your beliefs, your dreams, your inspirations, and your LIFE!


Some say, “Music is the door way to the soul. How about you? Whether you sing, play an instrument, rap, compose songs or create IT music, you can influence and impact your world with your music.


Dare to dream, dare to fight for what you believe, and dare to achieve. Arts Culture is here to help every individual reach their fullest potential and release the genius in them. Arts Culture wants you to live your dreams and reach for the impossible!

Touching Lives, Changing Destinies... Dance Enrichment Classes for all!

Arts Culture

Dance . Play . Live

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Hours of operation 

Mon-Fri: 2PM to 9PM

Sat-Sun: 9am to 7pm

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12 Kallang Ave #01-10 S339511



Tel: +65 6385 3321

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